Cloud Colocation

Flexibility and scalability in accordance to demand​

With IT budgets increasingly committed to the acquisition of new technologies that will reflect in innovation, IT managers that deal with high volumes of data are constantly searching for more storage room in their data centers - or the lack of it - by hiring Cloud services.​

Cloud services designed with our solutions guarantee high availability for the entire system, as well as flexibility and scalability according to customers’ needs.

​In accordance to strict compliance and certification requirements in customized and tailored projects, we are your best partner for Cloud Data Centers.​

Reliability and focus on core business​

IT managers who adopt our solutions for the storage, processing and remote management of their companies' data have ensured services of high reliability, availability and robust security.

​​Through this Cloud Colocation model, IT managers gain more visibility into their organizations' data and applications, in addition to reducing operational and maintenance costs.​

Therefore, IT organizations can focus their regular tasks that are key for the evolution of their business.​

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