Efficiency and agility with minimal latency

Edge data centers are ideal for companies that deal with new technologies, such as AI, IoT and Machine Learning, or those that require low latency due to streaming services. Processing this type of data is crucial for the IT infrastructure.

Because they are usually built in small and modular spaces, migrating such environments becomes an easy task, meeting the demands of each business and increasing their profitability.

Fast navigation with high productivity​

Our networking solutions help IT managers in the design and management of Edge Data Centers with high availability and reliability.

Our solutions have achieved strict certification requirements that allow easy implementation in optimized physical spaces. They also increase energy and operational efficiency, as well as agility in installation, with fully pre-connected factory systems optimizing their implementation time.

Speed gains in connection to corporate network information reflect very significantly on productivity and customer experience. Availability ensures more agility in decision-making processes, with information being available in real time.

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