Energy efficiency day: Fiber optic infrastructure that reduces environmental impact

Furukawa Solutions confirms that fiber optics is a more sustainable alternative than metal technology.

World Energy Efficiency Day is celebrated on March 5th, a date that aims to reflect on the problem of the abusive use of fossil fuels and the importance of using renewable energy sources. Reducing energy consumption is a commitment that both companies and the community must face, which is why Furukawa Solutions comments on how fiber optic infrastructure contributes to this commitment.

Energy efficiency poses the challenge of consuming and producing energy in a smart and innovative manner with the aim of mitigating the effects of climate change. In this sense, fiber optics plays a very relevant role, since its use is preferable over copper cables, since the latter generate greater data transmission loss with greater energy consumption, given their poor performance during data transmission.

In terms of efficient and responsible consumption, traditional copper wiring consumes a total of 3.5 W per 100 meters, compared to just 1 W when using fiber optic cables, since they conduct light beams over a distance of 300 meters. The latter are immune to electromagnetic interference, unlike copper piping that do not possess this characteristic, resulting in higher energy consumption and lower performance. The latter affects the environment when fossil fuels are used to operate the cooling systems required for assembly and maintenance.

In terms of maintenance, fiber optic solutions have a large performance capacity without needing to be replaced. The glass wires that make up its interior are the thickness of a hair and, even so, last for many years, while the copper wires suffer oxidation and overheating due to the temperature changes suffered by this metal. This quality of fiber optics reduces cabling waste, which goes through complex processing after disposal so that they do not harm the environment.

Understanding the entire landscape, Furukawa Solutions offers sustainable technology and great technological solutions in bandwidth transmissions, known as Green Solutions. These are characterized by their innovation, performance and greater sustainability, all in one technology, allowing users to responsibly choose the solutions that can best meet the technological demands of their company for the future.

“When it comes to the environment, we prefer using fiber optics as a means of excellence for innovative connectivity. In any case, at Furukawa we continue to develop connectivity solutions that are aligned with care for the environment and in a very innovative approach, we have GREEN structured cabling solutions that have a sustainable technological advantage compared to other solutions in this segment available in the market. Those who can responsibly choose an end-to-end technological solution with these premises that satisfies the demands of their company today and tomorrow will be contributing to a better world”, says Eng. Lucas Samyn, responsible for product and application engineering for the Southern Cone at Furukawa Solutions.