Educational institutions prepared for the future

Technology has radically changed the way we learn. Schools, universities and other learning institutions have had to quickly adapt in order to assure excellence and quality in teaching.​

Our networking solutions enable IT managers to have a high-quality network across the entire educational site. With our infrastructure, schools are ready for current and future applications, as well as being flexible enough to allow changes, with low operational impact.​

Another important fact is that we prioritize sustainability, reduction of physical space and energy efficiency in all its implementations.

Connected schools prepare students for the real word!

Exchanging information is key in the educational segment. We meet such requirements of high volume of data with the hyper connectivity required in classrooms, also considering the large number of users accessing different systems simultaneously. In addition, our solutions eliminate the need for dedicated infrastructure equipment, reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs.​

Our technologies also offer many benefits for large areas, such as university campuses, where it’s important to have a total overview and control of the network from a single location, regardless of distance.​

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