Financial Services

Availability and security where you need it most​

The financial sector was one of the first to adopt the digital transformation with internet banking services. However, it’s an industry that needs to be constantly improving by offering security, availability, reliability and performance.​

Furukawa networking solutions allow financial institutions to keep such a large amount of information safe and keep their services always available. Network downtime in a market where time is money is unacceptable.​

With a secure and innovative network infrastructure, it is easier to give demanding customers the trust they need. Innovate in high performance connectivity, reduce operating and investment costs, and increase profitability in your business.

Highly efficient and secure data centers

In order to preserve critical and confidential data, financial institutions data centers must be equipped with highly reliable infrastructure, so that they can be managed from a single, centralized platform.​

Good connectivity allows you to:​

  • Improve response times​
  • Enhance agility​
  • Provide better and faster services​
  • Manage security policies centrally​
  • Incorporate new technologies for data protection​​

To streamline installations, retrofits and maintenance, choose plug and play pre-connectorized optical solutions 

And if you are looking for a wiring solutions, count on our sustainable high-performance zero-halogen cables that emit less smoke in case of fire.

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