Furukawa Electric and CPqD: Partnership to improve telecommunications network management


Combining resources from both Furukawa’s ‘EyON’ and CPqD’s ‘OSS Suite’ will enable QoS improvement from the internet provider’s standpoint.

Furukawa Electric and CPqD just signed a partnership aiming at TELCO network management and quality of service improvement for internet service providers throughout Brazil. They’ll present the market with a solution that includes Furukawa’s platform ‘EyON’ management and monitoring features to CPqD’s ‘OSS Suite’. The latter is well stablished in Brazil and LatAm.

“Combining the solutions will improve network management while also enabling OpEx reduction and better customer experience. Churn rates will drop as consequence.”, says Furukawa Electric LatAm’s Innovation Sales Manager, Daniel Blanco. “Nowadays the subscriber will switch providers due to network quality and not only price. Therefore, it is essential to improve QoS to retain customers”, adds Blanco.

That is EyON platform’s goal. To help monitoring and managing optical communication networks. One of the solution’s highlights relies on deploying sensors inside fiber closures. “By spreading these sensors throughout the network, users get real-time and precise fault information. Also, it becomes faster to resolve with exact location intel.”, explains Blanco. Besides, Furukawa’s modular in-cloud solution allows access to separate complimentary features to improve operating processes such as inventory and workforce management.

Now, CPqD’s OSS Suite is a network management driven tool with a complete set of resources for sales acceleration. It helps cutting operational expenses while generating insights to improve subscriber experience and its churn rate. OSS is divided into 4 pillars: Plant Management (network inventory), Intelligent Management (faults), Optical Supervision (physical layer monitoring) and Order Management (workforce).

“It’s a robust solution designed to provide the best network management: reducing OpEx and bringing intelligence to improve subscriber experience while avoiding churn”, states CPqD’s Telecom Market Manager Luiz Spera. “The goal with combining resources from CPqD and Furukawa Electric is to provide the TELCO and ISP market a complete alternative for managing and taking their network to a whole new level.”, concludes.