Availability and quality in digital experience ensure guest loyalty and raise the star rating of your hotel​

In hospitality, the availability of a communication network is key for the guests’ positive experience, and it’s a crucial factor for the success of the business. There is no doubt that connectivity is a key requirement for this segment.​

We have some of the best network solutions for hotels that need high availability and speed. Our platform provides central and easy management, optimizing transmissions from data centers, logical network, phone systems, Wi- Fi and CCTV, as well as automated systems and cable TV.

​With our infrastructure, hotels can minimize energy costs and optimize physical space, ensuring a positive impact in CAPEX / OPEX. Our solutions enable hotels for future expansions, so they are able to continually provide high-quality services for their guests.​

IT manager in peace while guest is satisfied

Maintaining 24x7 connectivity is a must in the hotel segment, as services are non stop. And the IT managers know that security and quality of internet depends on a data center or server room with high quality components, just like the ones provided by us. Among its benefits, they are centrally managed, which makes the entire operation smoother.​

We provide robust and integrated communication infrastructure, with high availability and reliability. Guests have the best experience whether at work or at leisure.

In addition, our connectivity allows you to implement state-of-the-art features in your hotel, including:

• Automated check in/check out; ​• Digital signature;​
• Facial recognition for guest safety;​
• Security by images;​
• Room fully prepared for different digital applications.

And if you choose traditional connectivity, we offer 100% sustainable solutions to ensure that your business is eco-friendly.

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