Hotwire Communications – Invisilight Case Study


Hotwire is a leading provider of telecommunication services focusing primarily on the MDU market. Especially active on the East Coast, Hotwire has a very strong presence in many markets with significant numbers of MDU buildings, including Florida. Hotwire’s Fision® Fiber Optics service, powered by direct Fiber-To-The-Unit (FTTU) technology, brings multi-gigabit speeds to customers at the speed of light.


Hotwire has a well-earned reputation for white glove customer service, including an overall excellent customer experience. Testimonials on their website show multitudes of comments from satisfied customers.

InvisiLight products enable Hotwire to provide this level of service during the initial installation process, and the almost-invisible footprint reinforces to their customers that the service from Hotwire will be different and better than competing services.


Hotwire has used both InvisiLight MDU and InvisiLight ILU products. Hotwire was one of the earliest adopters of the 600 micron version of InvisiLight ILU. Although the 900 micron version of InvisiLight ILU is almost invisible, the 600 micron version is even smaller, for an even smaller visual impact and can be installed even faster than the 900 micron version.