How to protect users while surfing the web


The significant increase in technology consumption led to a proportional increase in the number of digital attacks by cybercriminals to obtain, modify and delete sensitive data. The proliferation of cybercrime and the commitment to strengthen cybersecurity systems should be an item on the agendas of all companies, regardless of their category or size, since none of them are exempt from being victims of attacks that can affect their operations and even their business results.

The reality of the entire region unfortunately forms a context of constant increase in the need for infrastructure and security systems as a protection mechanism against insecurity and vandalism. This is apart and in addition to the natural adoption of automation and digitalization systems that we are experiencing worldwide. Given this reality, both business and home users have needs that, in terms of cabling infrastructure, coincide to a large extent, although on a different scale. The ecosystem can be composed of intrusion systems, video surveillance, access controls, firefighting systems and technological integration, including all devices connected to the network. All these systems and devices require a physical means of connection, which, although not the main element of the solution, becomes the most critical and in which, generally, less attention is placed, with the consequent failures and risks that arise from not using the appropriate technology.

Wiring solutions

By not focusing on the wiring of the project, there are many cases where very low-quality products are installed and end up seriously affecting the operation of the solution. A clear example is the use of copper-clad aluminum cables and products that do not have International Laboratory certifications, which means that there is no guarantee of it being able to support the transmission of the required data, a volume that grows over time. On the contrary, including a professional and guaranteed wiring solution ensures that the connected equipment works according to plan and provides the desired objective, which is to provide security.

When we look at companies or large users, a trend that is being accentuated is the incorporation of fiber optic cabling that gives the system additional robustness and useful life, added to the benefits of saving energy, infrastructure, space and benefits to the environment. Furukawa’s Laserway solution makes it the ideal addition to current and future security technology.

In addition to the Laserway Solution as an innovation for internal networks, in terms of external network security, we are betting on innovative solutions such as the Furukawa IoT Solution Platform, an intelligent management platform that uses advanced technology to monitor and protect telecommunications networks. It has benefits that allow problems to be anticipated and risks to be mitigated for Operators and ISPs, as well as to add a level of customer support for integrators and infrastructure service providers.

In this context, the training and technological updating of all actors linked to companies is essential to avoid having to regret unwanted events.

By Ariel Levensohn – Furukawa Business Manager