IBCC Oncology – Hospital bets on Furukawa’s Green solution in the new unit in São Paulo


The IBCC Oncology is a service network specialized in oncology for over 50 years in São Paulo, working in the awareness, diagnosis and treatment of cancer in a humanized manner. Pioneer in the fight against breast cancer, the institution has invested, since its foundation in 1968, in research, education, new technologies and complex procedures.

Currently, it has four assistance units, the newest of which is located in Vila Mariana, in the capital of São Paulo. Inaugurated in March 2020, it has an eight-story structure and has the capacity to hold around 5,500 SUS cancer consultations per month. The expansion of the IBCC Oncology in Vila Mariana includes outpatient cancer care, in addition to support specialties that involve outpatient surgery and other Auxiliary Diagnostic and Treatment Services (SADT).


In the eight-story building that houses the IBCC Vila Mariana, 20 kilometers of Furukawa cables with a green polyethylene coating were used, based on ethanol extracted from sugar cane. The installation of the new infrastructure connects 515 network points and supports data (mainly medical image transmission), voice and CCTV applications.

Satisfied with the results of this project, the IBCC also adopted Furukawa’s Green solution to renovate the infrastructure of one of the floors of its oldest unit, in Mooca. It is a competitive solution, which has brought good results to the hospital and still preserves the environment.