No more loose cables in old buildings!

Today, it is possible to implement the latest technology in an old infrastructure without affecting its aesthetics.

When a building is old, either because it was constructed several decades ago or because they are declared architectural heritage buildings, which cannot undergo changes and alterations in its infrastructure due to the cultural wealth they represent, it is obsolete to think that this type of building could not join the digital transformation and enjoy the new connectivity solutions.

It is normal for a building constructed many years ago to not be prepared for a specific technological deployment, because at the time it was designed in the plans and the construction site was surveyed, this type of space was not taken into account, since years ago it was unlikely to achieve the technology that we know today.

Today, in the era of digital transformation, fiber optics is the leading connectivity alternative as well as a key infrastructure element for the consolidation of the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart cities of the future. This new generation of Internet, where Virtual Reality, Streaming and remote management of multiple services are increasingly present in people’s lives, demands the best connectivity.

In this scenario, fiber optics is the only technology capable of offering speeds close to 1Gb/s and to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of organizations, industries and households, but also to support the new applications that will be developed in the market in the coming years. Therefore, old buildings, whether in the public, private or residential sector, need the possibility of having quality connectivity that respects their historical aspect. 

Furukawa Solutions, manufacturer of complete solutions for Communication and Energy Networks, presents InvisiLight, a new concept that offers simple fiber optic deployment while preserving the aesthetics of the buildings, without damaging the walls and reducing environmental impact.

“Invisilight is an in-house, residential or corporate application technology that is very easy to install and has the least possible interference in the environment. In addition, it is applicable to the new Fiber To The Room (FTTR) home network architecture, allowing Fiber Optics (P2MP backhaul) to be brought to different spaces of the property, such as rooms and offices, integrating perfectly into the environment”, explains Hernani Szymanski of Furukawa Solutions.

Some of the main advantages of InvisiLight are:

  • It is the ideal internal wiring solution for any fiber optics installation
  • It is practically invisible
  • It matches with the decoration of the location, as it can be painted the same color as the walls
  • It is reliable and its quality minimizes the chances of failures and the costs of customer service
  • It is very durable and can be used for years
  • It can be installed in 30 minutes
  • No construction work is required on the infrastructure to implement the solution

Another great challenge that fiber optics can solve, even more with an implementation like InvisiLight, is to connect all the rooms of a house, hotel complex, hospital or educational institution, so that users can access the Internet at the same speed without interference, wherever they are, and the deployment goes unnoticed without altering the aesthetics of the space.

It has reduced environmental impact and does not use toxic materials. “An innovative solution that also takes into account the aesthetic aspect of the infrastructure. With InvisiLight, citizens continue to receive cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art networks, without the need for more complex implementations. Similarly, technicians can easily proceed with their installation with the help of a very simple set of tools”, says Hernani Szymanski.