Paraguay receives first smart horizontal condominium FTTH Furukawa

condominio horizontal paraguai

The city of LUQUE in Paraguay receives its first fully smart luxury condominium today. The 33-hectare area encompasses 52 homes with access to the ‘ triple play ‘ ultra-broadband modern services, video surveillance and monitoring called Rakiura Country, the new residential neighborhood of the city uses Furukawa´s optical infrastructure, the world’s leading manufacturer of FTTH (Fiber to the Home) solutions, “Rakiura Country” is an important condominium and the first in Latin America to use 100% of the optical infrastructure that allows the transmission of large volumes of data, especially HD video.

This network is centralized in a modern data center location, from which Internet services, digital television, fixed telephony and security companies are distributed, which control the access of residents and visitors”, says Paulo Zafaneli, general manager of Sales for Latin America and the Caribbean. According to the executive, the Furukawa installed optical system also enables home access control mechanisms to be performed remotely or using laptops, smartphones and tablets.

“This system facilitates the management of security, surveillance, lighting and access control, entertainment, videos and other applications”, he states. The Rakiura Country condominium offers its residents lighted tennis courts and golf courses, a water park, horse riding area, spa, sauna, gym, all connected to the Furukawa optical network.

The only manufacturer in Latin America with an FTTH testing and project laboratory, Furukawa promotes the use of this technology to accelerate the modernization of communication networks to provide high-speed broadband, an increasingly essential requirement of users. Another advantage of FTTH is the use of PON network technology – Passive Optical Network, which requires little maintenance, since the network components do not require an external power supply.