Pfizer: factory in Guarulhos invests in IT Green


Pfizer is restructuring the cabling of its factory in Guarulhos-SP and part of the modifications are to replace data transmission cables with a structured network, based on Furukawa´s Category 6. In total, approximately 600 points were switched out in three buildings distributed throughout the factory. Due to several characteristics, including IT Green, the project implemented by Added is innovative within Pfizer.

The technology used – Furukawa – underwent several technical analyses and received approval from Pfizer’s global Technology committee, proving compliance with all technical requirements and the pharmaceutical industry. “Furukawa concentrates much of its efforts to provide the market with state-of-the-art technologies that ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of business processes, but that also follow regulatory guidelines such as ROHS, for example, to minimize the impact of production on the environment and ensure quality of life for future generations”, comments Roberto Kihara, commercial manager of Furukawa.

One of the points that most influenced the change in standard for the Guarulhos factory, according to Eduardo Kondo, Pfizer´s IT coordinator in Brazil, is related to concern for the environment: “Pfizer is dedicated to environmental preservation and Furukawa is a company with the same proposal. With this collaboration between Added´s team and Furukawa´s team, we were able to practice IT Green in this network restructuring, delivering the cables previously installed at Furukawa for recycling and using them as credit in the new supply. Thus, Pfizer’s IT team made the possible contribution, aware that every contribution is added to the company’s results, with important gains for society.

As the facility is distributed between three different buildings, with distances ranging up to 500m, the new network is interconnected by optical fibers with all the necessary treatments to serve the most varied environments. In this case, Furukawa products were also used. This network is logically segregated and it uses several applications, ranging from administrative systems, production, production control, telephony, video, wireless and even access control. It is a convergent network, prepared to meet the most varied needs and new technologies, which will use the IP protocol.

The gains resulting from the technological update and the structuring of cabling are significant and strengthen the differences between the old and new parts. Nilson Carril, a business analyst at Pfizer, points out that “the response time is fast and we registered a 75% reduction in the number of calls related to the network. Today the calls are only about the change in layout and no longer to troubleshoot connection problems”.