Royal Palm Hall Convention Center adopts Furukawa cutting-edge technology for infrastructure and telecom services

royal palm

The Royal Palm convention center – the Royal Palm Hall –, located in Campinas, was built with the objective of offering companies a complete and advanced infrastructure, with high quality services, including catering and event monitoring staff, in addition to complete kitchen infrastructure to provide banquets. Only the monumental hall (the largest in the complex) has 4,500 square meters and a capacity for 5,000 people seated in the auditorium. In addition, the convention center has another 51 modular environments that cater for all types of events, in a total area of 13,500 square meters of rooms and foyers.


To attend large-scale events with quality, the Convention Center needed an infrastructure with cutting-edge cabling technology. In addition, the project’s implementation deadline was short, and a partnership between Furukawa and the integrators was essential to meet the schedule.

BENEFITS Furukawa’s GigaLan Category 6 cables guarantee a high data transmission rate in a short period of time, a requirement of spaces such as the Royal Palm Hall, which hosts events with thousands of people.