TechNet Comunicaciones expands its connectivity solutions in the municipality of Ocaña

Thanks to the joint work with Furukawa, TechNet Comunicaciones provides the region with optimal internet and television service, turning into a local company with global technology

Furukawa Electric LatAm, manufacturer of complete communication network infrastructure solutions, was selected for the second time byTechNet Comunicaciones as its ally and network infrastructure provider, with the purpose of providing new high-tech services for the municipality of Ocaña in the department of Norte de Santander.

TechNet Comunicaciones SAS is an ISP created in 2016 in order to meet the need for a high quality connectivity service required at that time by the local market, provides Internet service with excellent features to the business and residential sector, so the company, at present, offers effective last mile connectivity solutions. Similarly, in its transport network it receives strategic support from international carriers that own and operate an advanced submarine optical fiber network. Therefore, the company has become the preferred operator for customers in the city, establishing a presence in over 80% of the companies in Ocaña.

Thanks to the work developed in another project with Furukawa, TechNet found an ally to carry out this transformation process. The Japanese company carried out all the pre-sales and engineering service, in addition to all the commercial and technical support.

“Furukawa’s ability to provide state-of-the-art solutions, guidance and support during the development of the entire project is of vital importance, since it is not only a matter of being suppliers of these materials but also of being able to contribute to innovation and advances in the different regions of the country, thus gradually shortening the digital divide existing in the territory,” says Juan Esteban Clavijo H., Key AccountManager of Furukawa Electric.

Nowadays, implementing fiber optics in a project has a beneficial impact. For TechNET it was of utmost importance, beyond integrating cable in the different areas of the municipality, to establish a clear vision to reach the business sector, since there are several connection failures in this sector.

Thanks to this execution it is now possible to have a stable and efficient network, benefits that are worth highlighting, since it is believed that these types of solutions are only found in major cities but that currently, they are a reality in municipalities such as Ocaña, marking a milestone in the Norte de Santander region.

“Secure, fixed and stable connections have enabled corporate customers themselves to generate a voice for TechNET’s work. Little by little we have gained ground in this segment. We have managed to become a local company, but with global technology, and the results can be seen with the same customers,” says Wilmar Alirio González, Technet’s infrastructure director.

Therefore, customers are the first to confirm the efficiency of the network, from the materials used in this type of facility to the personnel who are trained in implementation and good practices, resulting in users receiving quality service.

With this, TechNET is looking to expand through other areas of Ocaña as well as other cities. Similarly, it seeks to participate in neutral network projects; TechNET´s network is certified by Furukawa as it is end-to-end, but is responsibly and carefully managed.

Currently, TechNET is part of the companies in the telco industry that cover the needs of the corporate sector. The ISP offers more solutions for this sector, including video on demand, thanks to the conversion of its network. Furthermore, in the short term it is expected to provide services such as cloud and, of course, to continue working with an efficient communication base.  

The company also expects to reach more regions of Colombia with optimal Internet and television service with solutions such as EZ!Grow and pre-connectorized solutions, which generate new business opportunities to cover new areas.