Why will FTTx networks be key for watching the World Cup Qatar 2022?

redes fttx network

A World Cup full of not only soccer but also technology is approaching, where access to optical connectivity will be essential to ensure high speed and low latency, so that viewers can access the live broadcasts across multiple digital devices, allowing communication between people and support various digital applications. Expert from Furukawa Electric LATAM explains what’s behind it.

A few days before the start of World Cup Qatar 2022, soccer fans were already getting ready to to enjoy one of the most important global sports events, which according to FIFA estimates, will have more than 5 billion spectators[1], i.e., over 60% of the world´s population.

Unlike the last World Cup in 2018, this new edition will be at the forefront of technology, enabling the application of new tech solutions and tools, with the most advanced and fastest communications networks.

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“In an event of such magnitude, the communications infrastructure plays a fundamental role, enabling not only successful broadcast of the matches, but also the high quality and stability of the services offered through various apps and digital platforms that are developed in parallel, to enrich and supplement the experience of fans who will follow the World Cup digitally”, explains Iru Scolari, Market Manager of Furukawa Electric Latam

In addition to the matches that can be watched on TV, in 4K (Ultra HD) resolutions and more, users will consume all kinds of content through YouTube, Twitch, social media, streaming platforms and other apps. All from the comfort of their homes connected largely by FTTx fiber-to-the-home networks, adds the specialist.

In fact, in the last World Cup in Russia, over 50% of the audience[2] watched the matches using digital devices, generating a significant demand of bandwidth for data transmission and, consequently, a great demand for network infrastructure and Information Technology.

Furukawa’s full fiber optic solutions for FTTx networks boost bandwidth capacity, with low latency and high quality, and ensure a smooth connection experience for all users.

“This infrastructure is ready to fully meet residential demands in terms of receiving digital live broadcasts of very high resolution images (4K and higher), for millions of people”, the Furukawa Electric engineer emphasizes.

It should be noted that a 4K transmission, for example, requires a minimum bandwidth of 25Mb per second.

The availability of 5G for cell phones is another technological innovation that this World Cup will bring, so this convergence of networks will be a crucial factor, since this important event will be a massive test for 5G, where fiber optic cables to the antennas are essential to support the extremely high demands of the connections.

Today, we have a lot of options for consuming content: Official TV networks, radio station apps, mobile streaming solutions, different apps to see results, goals, match summaries; betting apps, etc. All of them represent great opportunities for both users and service providers.

Today, network and communications technologies are more prepared than ever for the high demand expected during World Cup Qatar 2022 broadcasts, having passed the unexpected trial during the recent pandemic.

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