Wi-Fi Day

With the aim of continuing to boost the world´s connectivity, Furukawa Solutions reinforces the importance of a quality infrastructure.

Nowadays, connectivity is fundamental for the development of any society or company. The digital transformation, which accelerated due to the pandemic that hit the world two years ago, forced societies to face an unprecedented challenge in terms of communication: staying connected despite distance.

Fiber optics is undoubtedly the protagonist in this scenario. Thanks to optical cables and infrastructure technology that travels the world, technological advances occur faster, data traveling over the network is more secure, climate consequences are reduced and areas far from urban centers are increasingly able to access the internet.

How does this technology work?

Fiber optic cables consist of one or more thin strands of glass. Punctually the optical fiber is a waveguide in the form of a thread of highly transparent material designed to transmit information over long distances using optical signals, it is manufactured from silicon of very high purity and instead of using electrical pulses to transmit information, this technology uses pulses of light. As a result, it offers technically unlimited performance capabilities. As it is not affected by interference from electromagnetic fields, the transmitted data cannot be intercepted, slowed down or mixed with other signals. The speed and security provided by fiber optics makes it a highly competitive material.

Essential for connectivity

Optical infrastructure is becoming increasingly relevant to bring internet connection in places where it was not possible before. The versatility of its applications, the benefits and the great performance pave the way to reach an increasingly connected country, where Wi-Fi is no longer a privilege, but a reality.

Looking back, from 20 to 30 years ago, the demand for cables and optical components was increasing with significant annual growth rates. Fiber optics is proving in fact to be an asset not only of great importance for the new world that is approaching us, but it has become the input and essential factor that gives us the support so that humanity continues to advance in terms of equality that provides the opportunity to more of connectivity and communication.