Why is it necessary to have effective technology in mission-critical environments?

Furukawa Solutions argues that fiber-optic cabling improves operational and logistical continuity in organizations.

In a changing context like the current one, it is necessary to have intelligent solutions that can support the production process of companies. Maintaining business continuity is of vital importance to organizations, as any inconvenience in the system can lead to business disruption, harming results and wasting resources.

It is important to understand what “mission-critical environments” are. Combining criteria, they are activities and systems that must operate continuously, without interruptions. This is why they require quality technological solutions, constant monitoring and permanent support to ensure end-to-end performance. For a mission-critical system to function optimally, 3 variables are needed:

  • Increase speed
  • Increase network availability
  • Use optical networks that contribute to reducing latency

If all 3 axes are not properly met, mission-critical systems fail or are disrupted, significantly impacting business operations. Furthermore, these systems focus on the user, so they always operate with the customer’s experience as a fundamental pillar.

The solution to combat possible errors or operational failures is to have advanced technology based on network maintenance and operation. Furukawa’s fiber-optic solutions have multiple advantages to support performance and continuity in mission-critical environments or risky scenarios. The technology created by the Japanese company aims to offer a portfolio of solutions that help the customer reduce risks, make assertive and fast decisions, as well as modernize wired and wireless communication networks. For these highly sensitive systems, fiber-optic connectivity provides a robust, low-latency, high-density environment with high scalability and usability.

Today, all companies face great challenges and migrating to advanced systems will help increase competitiveness between different organizations. However, in mission-critical systems it becomes even more important to protect the environment to avoid failures and ensure quality performance.