Cybersecurity: data protection as a business priority


Some countries celebrate on November 30 the Cybersecurity Day, a date that aims to raise awareness about the importance of online security. Furukawa Electric discusses how quality cabling can contribute to user protection.

Currently, most of the activities of companies and users traverse the web: online bank accounts, personal social media accounts, search engines, entertainment, work platforms, virtual wallets, among other applications. In this scenario, and as a consequence of the accelerated digital transformation, cyber attacks are in considerable increase and the concern affects all users.

Faced with this problem, companies invest resources and efforts in being able to protect users when they interact with their products or services. Some cyberattacks may come from social engineering techniques, where the attacker relies on user trust and a large part of the attacks come from network infrastructure problems and poor cabling and installation practices. Furukawa Electric, a manufacturer of complete Communication Network infrastructure solutions, shares information on how optical solutions provide security for Internet consumption.

Now, how do you create an efficient and secure network? When we talk about structured cabling, we refer to a system that integrates different types of services in a standardized manner, i.e., following a standard that establishes certain minimum criteria that ensure performance and management of the network. In addition, it is very important to take into account current regulations which protect us from using materials of low quality or that do not meet the levels of quality and security certification.     

Threats on the web are diverse and increasingly dangerous, so it is essential to have connectivity providers that offer perimeter protection as a minimum requirement for a secure Internet. In this sense, optical fiber becomes increasingly relevant as it provides the highest level of security among all existing means of connection. This technology makes it easier to detect when, for example, someone wants to illegally access information, thus preventing illicit connections from being made to steal the service.          

Simply put, optical fiber is the new technology that allows high-speed data transfer via light pulses. In itself, it is made up of fine optical cables made of glass with a flexible coating on the outside that makes it immune to electromagnetic impulses. Consequently, this type of connection is more secure, more stable and faster than other systems. And finally, in terms of cybersecurity, this connectivity offers great peace of mind because data transmissions are very difficult to interfere with.

“Our mission as manufacturers is to understand customer needs and understand the importance of customers feeling confident in acquiring our cutting-edge technology solutions and collaborating in the cybersecurity ecosystem”, says Lucas Samyn, head of pre-sales engineering for Furukawa.