Specialty Industrial Networks

Rugged, durable, and reliable optical fiber systems solutions for digital manufacturing, automation, energy monitoring and protection, smart cities, and Industrial Ethernet.

In industrial applications, optical fiber offers enhanced performance over traditional copper solutions allowing for 100 times faster speed and higher data rates, longer links, and increased stability in harsh environments, such as immunity from electromagnetic interference.

OFS provides rugged, durable and reliable optical fiber cable and connector systems for SCADA systems, factory automation, energy monitoring and protection, smart cities, power utility automation, and Industrial Ethernet.

Our Crimp & Cleave connector kits allow for quick, easy terminations, with no power, epoxy, gels, or polishing required. 

Combined with a modular harsh environment connector systems, installation is quick and easy; you do not have to be a fiber optic expert to install an OFS system.

Optimization and Growth

We develop solutions that meet the highest technological requirements of IT systems in critical Data Center environments, allowing companies to focus on their core business.​

With network infrastructure solutions for highest density and intelligent cabling solutions, IT managers have complete control of the operation, being able to reduce network downtime and reap the rewards by optimizing connectivity performance, availability, reliability and security robust system.​

In addition to the complete solution for data centers, we offer pre-design services, installation support with follow-up inspection, training, optimized logistics and an extended warranty of up to 25 years.

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