High availability in the network information flow

As Industry 4.0 gains momentum, with IoT in great prominence, the demand of automotive companies for solutions that contribute to the high flow of information generated by connected devices in the Industrial Ethernet networks also increases.

Our solutions help the connection of devices and network management in the automotive industry, with high quality, tailor made products that minimize water, dust, vibration and high temperatures damages, as well as abrasiveness and electromagnetic interference, among others.

Make sure your manufacturing plants are well connected in order to reduce risk of failures and increase productivity.

Innovation serving all

A highly available, reliable data transmission network, capable of connecting intelligent systems and devices, is what ensures the effectiveness of applications in the new Industry 4.0.

Advanced communication technologies make IoT more efficient. These improvements have resulted in progress for the automotive companies: production processes more modern and efficient, as well as productivity and revenue increase.

Consumers can also benefit from improvements in the manufacturing processes, as cars now count on new applications for entertainment and navigation and security sensors, not to mention others.

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