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Technologies enabling cities for the future

The increase in connectivity speed, due to fiber optic networks, has allowed digital cities to evolve into smart cities, where the information obtained in real time enables a city to be proactive, reducing reaction time to adversities.

We provide networking solutions that maximizes the use of infrastructure and bandwidth available in cities, facilitating, for example, the use of the Internet of Things (IoT). This connectivity of devices to the Internet, combined with technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence, provide analytical tools for smart cities, allowing them to become autonomous in the very near future.

Analytical information to help cities become smart

Smart cities are considered to be the main path for the development of urban centers, integrating government, private enterprises and society in search for innovative solutions to solve the challenges of urban mobility, housing, healthcare, security and energy efficiency, not to mention others. However, such integration is only possible through advanced connectivity technologies, allowing systems to provide real time and online information and analysis for better decision making. With an effective network infrastructure, management will have accurate information to act in a predictive, assertive manner, and with statistical premises, improving the development of urban centers and changing lives of citizens.

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