Performance and safety

By taking advantage of improvements in the operation processes, the implementation of disruptive technologies, such as IoT and AI, is leading steel companies to adopt Industry 4.0.

We provide fiber optic and wireless solutions that allow the IT/AT managers to optimize the performance and reliability of their communication systems with easy integration. With us, IT / AT organizations can safely implement new digital technologies to promote their businesses.

Developed to withstand high temperatures and eliminate challenges caused by oxidation, fatigue and vibration that are part of the critical environments of steel mills, our industrial networking solutions also have a high level of protection against chemical agents and resistance to UV lights.

Well-structured communication

We continuously invest in research and development to contribute efficiently and safely to the technological update of the industry, with specific solutions for the different demands and sectorial needs.

IT/TA organizations of steel companies can trust us to provide robust, adequate and secure communication infrastructure for total efficiency in the exchange of information in real time between the manufacturing plant and the various systems that are used.

This is essential for managers to achieve business goals, as well as productivity and efficiency in the production processes in search of operational excellence.

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