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Power Utilities

High performance and availability communication

In order to improve quality and availability of services, utilities companies are evolving their level of automation in an intelligent and efficient manner, with managing and monitoring systems.

We meet the needs of the energy utility segment by offering intelligent communication networks (Smart Grids), as well as redundancy in optical network mesh.

Our solutions contribute to a high performance, reliable, available, safe and scalable integrated communication network, ready to collect data, route information, and monitor electrical networks to avoid failures in transmissions.

More conscious and affordable energy

The consolidation of Smart Grids promises to bring many benefits to both utilities and consumers.

Utilities will be able to count on:

• Fast error solving
• Remote monitoring of substation teams
• Substation equipment automation
• Preventive maintenance
• Accidents risks reduction 
• Asset surveillance
• Fast implementation and maintenance

Consumers can expect:

• Smart meters that communicate with the utility company in real time;
• Electric vehicle charging;
• More efficient consumption;
• Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions with increased use of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

These solutions are already possible through communication networks supported by the most advanced technologies, developed to improve the quality and availability of services. We offer reliable and robust connectivity, equalizing infrastructure investments, and promoting sustainability and benefiting people with stable and lower-cost energy.

Transmission Networks

Safety and high data transmission rates

Some countries have a high incidence of lightning due to climate conditions. Among the main victims of such storms are power transmission networks, facing geographical obstacles, and remote places, including connectivity among substations that involves high criticality and sharing with high bandwidth telecommunications systems.

We offer a complete portfolio for performance improvement and protection against lightning, wind and other climate conditions that impact transmission networks, ensuring high data transmission rate and a safe operation.

We are constantly improving our offer to attend to customer needs: from project development to post-installation tests, addressing project safety and functionality with high certification and guarantee requirements.

Energy is life

The gap in electricity services, which impacts most of the society, increasingly demands preventive and emergency maintenance.

Our solutions contribute to the prevention of infrastructure failure in transmission networks, helping with:

• Lightning protection;
• High capacity communication demands;
• New transmission lines;
• Replacement of existing cables;
• Adverse climate conditions;
• Infrastructure for Smart Grids;
• Expansion of the connectivity network through radio systems.

When you think of transmission networks, think of us as your trusted advisor partner to provide infrastructure with high performance and security.

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