GigaLAN, high performance and sustainability for residential and corporate environments

The digitization of companies demands higher performance and sustainability in the network infrastructure, avoiding work interruptions, but also to support future business changes. A specialist from Furukawa Solutions explains why GigaLAN is the ideal solution to meet this challenge.

Connectivity is a central element to the performance of the corporate sector, so the network infrastructure must be secure, reliable and robust, but, above all, stable to avoid interruptions that could result in economic losses for companies.

To solve this challenge, Furukawa Solutions developed a line of solutions, GigaLAN, that integrate cutting-edge technology to achieve the best connection through a high-performance communication infrastructure, without sacrificing sustainability.

Engineer Lucas Samyn of Furukawa Solutions explains that, “the entire GigaLAN product category provides a quick and simple response to an extremely complex problem: ensuring high performance in structured cabling systems for voice, data and image traffic in different ecosystems.”

In that sense, one of the multiple benefits of GigaLAN for companies or residences is its transmission speed of up to 10Gbps, key to meeting the demands of today’s access networks, which need to transmit data at increasingly higher rates.

It is also ideal for Wi-Fi 6 projects, the latest generation of Wi-Fi networks, which provides low latency, higher connection speed and allows a large number of devices to be connected to a single access point, making it easy for several people to perform different tasks simultaneously, without interference.

In addition, it allows PoE power and data supply, i.e. Ethernet cables provide power to network devices over the existing data connection.

GigaLAN solutions guarantee better flame-retardant performance, ensuring the safety of both people and infrastructure and also have Green products that reduce environmental impact as they are produced using green polyethylene, an ethanol-based compound extracted from sugar cane, which does not produce toxic fumes.

Engineer Lucas Samyn of Furukawa Solutions  further emphasizes that “GigaLAN provides guaranteed support for future changes and expansions, no matter how much the network grows throughout its lifecycle, the GigaLAN solution is the right choice.