Greenlight networks – Invisilight Case Study


Greenlight is an up and coming carrier headquartered in Rochester, New York, but expanding quickly throughout New York State and beyond. As a fiber-only provider, they ‘ve set a high bar for customer service in the region. This relentless focus on service has won them multiple awards over the past few years.


Greenlight had experienced other MDU deployment methods. However, many of these methods were either hard to install or unattractive. The combination of InvisiLight MDU and InvisiLight ILU enables them to provide a minimal footprint at a customer location, while significantly reducing installation times. This has opened up new opportunities to deploy their fiber. Since InvisiLight products include OFS’ EZ Bend fiber, it enables very low loss even as Greenlight moves to faster protocols.


InvisiLight MDU cord is deployed down the hallway, connecting into InvisiLight ILU cord at the unit. In conjunction with Greenlight’s ONT solution, the use of InvisiLight also allo ws for a customer self-installation process in certain situations.