The era of “Smart Hotels” is here: Hyper-connected and with experiential technologies

Hoteis inteligentes

Furukawa Solutions explains what differentiates a “normal hotel” from a “Smart” one. One of the keys is high connectivity and innovative technology, which make all the difference in customer satisfaction and loyalty, starting with the first “check in”.

It is no secret that competition in the Hotel sector, whether tourism or business, is very high, so the efforts to stand out, deliver services with a unique seal and thus increase the attraction, satisfaction and loyalty of customers must be permanent and sustainable over time, in response to changes, evolution and new expectations of the markets.

In this case, technology becomes a crucial ally for the Hotel Industry, especially in its conversion to the “Smart” world.

What makes a Smart Hotel different from a normal one? We will focus on 2 key issues: how you manage resources and what you offer your users. In other words, sustainability and experience.

By integrating technology into their operations, hotels create the conditions to increase their revenue and decrease expenses. This trend is increasing as it allows for increased

levels of personalization, ensures easier access to information, and enables data-driven business decision making.

This is achieved through the efficient management of resources. At the same time, an optimized experience is delivered to passengers, through the absolute customization of services.

Experiences are everything

Today, one of the key demands of hotel guests is high connectivity, 24×7, as well as access to services, facilities and comfort, which require hotel infrastructures to be technologized.

Therefore, having high-performance communication networks is critical when positioning yourself in the industry.

Incorporating this type of technology in hotels generates competitive advantages, and a 5-star experience that guests will experience in a personalized way, in relation to services and data security. In addition, it influences improvement of the marketing strategy, customer satisfaction and the creation of a brand preference.

Tips from Furukawa Solutions: Technologies for Smart Hotels

To achieve the Digital Transformation of hotels, it is necessary to have robust and integrated connectivity and data infrastructures; with high availability, reliability and be future-proof, so that customers can enjoy the best experience. An example is Laserway that allows 100% fiber optics to be worked in an internal environment under the concept of LAN as a set of technologies capable of generating savings of up to 70% in cables, 35% in racks, 80% in plastic, 70% in space, 70% in energy, and 95% in network ports. This allows us to evolve towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly Smart Hotels.

In parallel, Laserway technologies ensure 24×7 connectivity, since they are based on passive optical elements, which can transfer data by means of light over long distances, avoiding possible electromagnetic interference.

One of the key recommendations from Furukawa Solutions, a global manufacturer of Communication and Energy networks, is to implement telecommunications network infrastructures designed specifically for “Smart Hotels”; since it is an investment that will generate significant returns, given that they provide: connection quality, improvement in customer experience, cost reduction and sustainability; among many other benefits for the hotel business.