The importance of data protection in the Financial Sector

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Digital transformation is an imminent phenomenon and the financial sector was one of the first to adopt it with internet banking services. In a context where social engineering cyberattacks and intentional hacking are on the rise, having a robust network infrastructure becomes a crucial need for financial service provider organizations.

Confidentiality, integrity, accessibility and availability are attributes of information that are taken care of by all sectors, but even more so in the financial industry where data is sensitive and of the utmost importance to users. For this reason, responsible management represents a shared commitment of all the companies that carry out activities in the area. In this sense, Furukawa Electric, within its Furukawa Connectivity Solutions portfolio, offers products and solutions aimed at ensuring the safety of these operations.

The GigaLan network solution isolates external and internal interferences thanks to its shielding, allowing for a robust and protected complete channel, in addition to having environmentally friendly solutions available, ensuring performance and sustainability. On the other hand, the Datawave solution facilitates monitoring of the physical layer and allows each of the network ports to be managed. To ensure successful implementation without jeopardizing continuity of the financial activity, the most appropriate solutions are those that are adaptable and scalable, regardless of whether they are installed in large banks or small institutions. Without neglecting the current problems, where the cost of infrastructure is increasing, solutions must be designed to require no maintenance, thus reducing OPEX considerably and saving on network interventions.

Similarly, in terms of IT security, with the growth of IoT and the rise of hybrid work, fraud and cyber attacks on financial institutions have increased considerably. Organizations have begun to build an environment that protects user information by adopting protected channels.The Datawave solution allows the instant and remote display of the status of the physical ports and the activity of the patch cord maneuvers.

Taking care of financial information is a key factor in the eyes of customers, to achieve a favorable experience, the most appropriate solutions are those that understand the criticality of the data and provide the security that the financial industry requires with the highest quality standards.

It is important for financial institutions to have technological partners that offer robust infrastructure, cutting-edge technology, international certifications and a pre and post-sales support engineering department to constitute value for its customers and a competitive advantage for the organizations with respect to the competition.